Have you ever thought about the retweetability factor of your tweets?

June 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

140 characters is a very small number of characters to express yourself. Many of us tend to use the full 140 characters to get our point across on Twitter, without ever thinking about the retweetability of our messages. Often, I find myself abandoning a retweet because it is too long and I have to edit it in order to be able to post it.

Why is retweetability important? We have a limited number of followers. Our tweets are certain reach our followers but by making your tweets retweetable, you increase your chances of being retweeted and reaching a wider audience. In fact, a retweet will get you the most views and impressions as compared to the initial tweet.

Here are some guidelines for improving the retweetability of your tweets:

  • Write concise and compelling headlines
  • Use contractions and abbreviations that make sense
  • A good rule of thumb is to write tweets that are no longer than 120 – 125 characters, including hash tags and links, to allow others to re-tweet you with a single click
  • Include no more than two hash tags to allow others to add their own if they choose to do so
  • When including links, use an URL shortener like bit.ly or tinyurl.com

I’m aware that most Twitter clients automatically shorten your tweets upon retweet, but that’s hit or miss because there are times when what’s retweeted makes no sense and the message of the original tweet is lost.

There is nothing ground breaking here, but some common sense when tweeting will go along way to improving your retweetability factor.  So tell me, how does your retweetability factor measure up?

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